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Get a Chair Massage at East County Wellness Center! It’s the Perfect Way to Relax & Recharge


Choose a massage that’s short and sweet… and straight to the point. A chair massage does wonders for your body and it only takes 10 to 30 minutes. You might have seen chair massages being performed at special events or at the mall, and you may wonder, “How effective is a chair massage?” You may also question which is best: in a chair or on a traditional table?


Here are the East County Wellness Center, we provide our customers with both chair massages and more traditional table massage modalities. A chair massage can offer many different benefits but before we discuss those, let’s take a look at what a chair massage truly is.


The East County Wellness Center offers fantastic chair massages that focus on your shoulders, arms, neck and back. Once you’ve experienced your own special chair massage at our wellness center, you’ll instantly feel the stress melt away as you walk out the door.


A chair massage is extremely comfortable. No change in attire is necessary and oils are not used during your massage session. The client is seated in a special massage chair with armrests and a special headrest that will cradle your face in a downward position.


During a chair massage, your massage therapist will use special techniques that focus on your upper body from the head down to the lower back. The customer can choose the amount of pressure applied to their body and what areas to focus on. If you’ve been dealing with a lot of stress, a chair massage is perfect for working out all the extra muscle tension that lays dormant deep down in the muscles. With a chair massage, you’ll feel refreshed, like a weight has been lifted right off your shoulders.


And the benefits of a chair massage don’t shop there! Chair massage offers customers an energizing boost to their day—allowing you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a happier and more optimistic outlook on life. Additional health benefits from a chair massage include increased circulation and an eased nervous system.


If you’ve been thinking about trying a chair massage, please visit us at the East County Wellness Center. We would be so pleased to introduce you to this unique massage form—we will definitely make sure you leave here happier, healthier, and more relaxed!


Get a Darling Deal on a Relaxing Valentine’s Day Massage for your Sweetheart


aromatherapy massageHave you been searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart? Why not give the gift of healing touch? Massage therapy is a great gift for any special person in your life and at the East County Wellness Center, we have a phenomenal Valentine’s Day promotion just for the special love day.


Send love signals to the special guy or gal in your life with a 1-hour therapeutic massage enhanced with an all-natural aromatherapy oil blend of the recipient’s choice for only $59.00! Our Valentine’s Day massage allows you to choose from any of our customized massage modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, cranial sacral, trigger point therapy, and many others. Your massage at the East County Wellness Center will leave you feeling your best; and when you feel good, you look good! The combination of our all-natural aromatherapy oils and relaxing massage therapy creates an ultimate massage experience that’s unimaginable.


Feel free to talk with one of our experienced massage therapists to find the perfect V-Day package for your sweetie. You may also give the gift of healing touch with a gift card if you’re unsure what your special Valentine may like.

Show your Valentine how much you love them—book an appointment for your sweetheart to enjoy our 1-hour therapeutic massage with aromatherapy package before February 18th at 619-270-7171. Please mention this blog when you call for our special V-Day massage offer. We look forward to your Valentine’s Day visit to the East County Wellness Center!

Discover What Type of Massage is Best for You


It can be overwhelming to choose which type of massage is best for you and your body. There are many different types of massage modalities that use very unique techniques and specialize in a variety of different problem areas.


Find out more about the different massage types offered at the East County Wellness Center and their varying styles to help you discover which massage is best for you! Here are some of the most popular forms of massage available at the East County Wellness Center:


Swedish Massage


If you want a relaxing massage, a Swedish massage is exactly what you’re looking for. As the most common form of Western massage, a Swedish massage combines different types of pressure ranging from light to deep. The main purpose of Swedish massage is relaxation, however, there are many other benefits such as an increase in blood flow, better joint mobility, and release of toxins from the muscles.


For a relaxing and therapeutic massage session, the best massage type for you is a Swedish massage.


Deep Tissue Massage


A deep tissue massage is more intense than a Swedish massage but its results prove to be very effective for someone with tight muscles and/or chronic injuries. The massage therapist will apply more pressure during a deep tissue massage to reach further into the body’s muscles and provide pain relief while releasing muscle tension. If you have tight, stiff muscles, a deep tissue massage will help work out all the knots found throughout your back and aching muscles.


Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone massage is a fairly new form of massage compared to Eastern medicine, however, the results of a hot stone massage can be very beneficial for you. During a hot stone massage, the massage therapist will place hot stones along your body in order to increase blood flow and penetrate deep into muscles and tissues that normally cannot be reached with original massage therapy techniques. The hot stones will also help improve the energy meridians of the body and alleviate pent-up stress that we carry around in our backs and shoulders.


If you have a stressful job or are beginning a new physical activity like running or Pilates, a hot stone massage will work well to alleviate new aches and pains and melt away built-up stress.


Trigger Point Massage


Trigger point massage therapy is generally used when a patient has problem areas that need to be addressed. For example, if your shoulders are tense and riddled with knots, a trigger point massage will focus on your shoulders to hopefully release the knots in this area. The massage therapist will pinpoint problem areas and apply pressure with the thumb, elbow, or knuckle for more precise results.


If you have aches and pains in one region of the body, trigger point massage will help to alleviate pressure and pain in those problem areas. Try a trigger point massage if specific back areas are causing problems for you.


Thai Massage


Are you in need of a good stretch? If so, a Thai massage is perfect for you! This unique form of massage is ideal for anyone involved in sports, dance, or physical activity. A Thai massage combines stretches, yoga-like poses, muscle compression, and pressure point application along the body’s energy channels. A Thai massage will allow your body to feel more balanced, relaxed, and free of stiff muscles and joints.


Thai massage is performed on the floor. The client wears comfortable clothing to promote stretching and movement. If you’ve been searching for the best combination of relaxation and stretching, there is nothing like a Thai massage! Book one today and start improving your flexibility, range of motion, and internal balancing along energy channels.


At the East County Wellness Center, we know that it can be tough to choose just one of these special massage modalities. If you are still unsure about which massage is best for you, please contact us at the East County Wellness Center at 61-270-7171 for more information regarding these unique massage forms. We will help you find the perfect combination of massage techniques to give your body the relief it needs.

The Inside Scoop on Trigger Point Massage Therapy


When you have aches and pains, it’s hard to enjoy your life to its fullest. These sore spots that accumulate in our muscles are actually called trigger points; most of us commonly refer to them as knots. An American doctor named Janet Travel, whose main purpose of creating this massage form was to break down those achy spots to correct pain and posture before real back problems occur, developed trigger point therapy in the 1940’s. Trigger points can be active or dormant and this type of massage has the ability to alleviate stress, pain, tension, and stiffness.


A trigger point massage is often called myofascial trigger point therapy because the majority of the massage work is with the myofascial sheath that surrounds your muscles as opposed to working directly on the muscles. When pressure is applied to the body’s trigger points, pain relief can be felt in the problem area as well as nerve tissues that carry much of the related pain.


Trigger point massage is highlighted with cycles of isolated pressure and release techniques. By using finger pressure to pinpoint your muscle knots and alleviate pain, trigger points are addressed to treat chronic pain injuries and accident-driven injuries


If you’ve been considering trigger point massage therapy, here are just a few of the symptoms that cause these trigger points or knots to appear: fibromyalgia, bad posture, overexertion, and muscle tension or shooting pains in the back. Trigger point massage is very common among back pain patients, arthritis patients, and injury-induced pain patients.


Not only is trigger point massage absolutely fantastic for your body and resolving many pain-related issues, additional health benefits increase the quality of life for active trigger point therapy clients. Here are just a few of the benefits received from trigger point massage therapy:


Increased range of motion


Improved flexibility


Fewer headaches


Less muscle spasms


Less stiff muscles and reduced tension


Released toxins


A reduction in pain and other pain-related conditions is noticeable after just one session of trigger point therapy. Call us today at the East County Wellness Center at 619-270-7171 for more information about trigger point massage therapy or to book an appointment with one of our experienced massage therapists.

Massage Therapy Goes Corporate: Offering Massage as a Health Benefit


Make a New Year’s resolution for your business! Do you want to see increased productivity, more motivation, and higher employee morale? Try adding a special health benefit to the company’s wellness program and see your business flourish!


At the East County Wellness Center, we offer a fantastic membership program that would be ideal for boosting employee morale. Giving your employees a monthly massage adds a personal touch to your wellness program and rewards employees for hard work and dedication.


A special massage reward is great for employees but also for your business! Companies that offered special massage programs to their employees saw a reduction in employee turnovers and absences, higher morale, and increased productivity with the added benefit of tax deductible massage! Companies like Boeing and Google offer massages to their employees almost daily to enhance the work environment and ensure low turnover.


If you’re a local San Diego business owner and you keep thinking of ways to boost your business, massage therapy is the perfect way to do that. In a business, employees are one of the most important parts of the company. Without those special employees, our companies would not be able to survive! Treat them to a massage and let them know just how much you care. Employees that receive the massage will experience the following health benefits:


  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate


  • Increased energy and awareness


  • Stronger immune system


  • Reduced stress and anxiety


  • Eased muscle and joint tension


The possibilities are endless when it comes to giving your employees massage therapy as a health benefit. You can reward your employees with a monthly Employee Appreciation Day or any other the following events:


Holiday Parties




Secretary Week (April 21-27, 2013)


Office Parties


Office Picnics




Raffle Prizes


Quarter End Celebrations


Meetings and Seminars


Give your employees a health benefit they can’t refuse and watch your business boom from increased productivity and a more positive work atmosphere. You will love the addition of East County Wellness Center’s member program with monthly massages at one phenomenal price. Allow massage to seep into the corporate cracks to increase the overall wellness of your business.



Wellness Goals for 2013: How to Set Them & How to Keep Them


WellnessEvery New Year’s Eve starts with a mindset of moving forward into the upcoming year and setting goals to accomplish within the next 12 months. Setting your goals is just as important as finishing them—before you set your New Year’s resolutions, keep these goal setting tips in mind:

1. Turn your Random Thoughts into a Plan of Action

Our random thoughts are often what we should focus on for New Year’s resolutions. Make sure your goals are something you are passionate about—once you become disinterested in your goals, you will no longer work to accomplish them. Choose your goals based on your personal interests as well as life subjects that need to be changed or maintained.

2. Make your Resolutions Measurable

Anyone can make the resolution to drink more water, start exercising more, or focus on eating right. These are all great health goals, however, if your goals aren’t measurable, they are vague and hard to truly obtain. If you want to drink more water, find out how much you want to drink every day. If you want to start working out, how often and for how long?


Once you have clear goals for 2013, include a measurable component to ensure your resolutions will be reached!

3. Break Down Larger Resolutions into Obtainable Milestones

A very common health goal is to lose weight. This is a very admirable and tough goal to reach. When you look at the larger goal, it can become overwhelming. Break down these big goals into smaller chunks—turn big steps into smaller steps to avoid disappointment. Remember that no step is too small when you’re working towards your life goals.

The most popular form of New Year’s resolutions pertains to fitness, health, and wellness. Increasing your quality of life is just one added bonus to creating health and wellness New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few categories to focus on when you plan on making new goals for your health in 2013:

Physical Wellness

Health goals that fall into physical wellness would be related to fitness, exercise, strength, and endurance.

Emotional Wellness

New Year’s resolutions for emotional wellness would concern our mental health, emotional strength, and spiritual growth. Concentrating on your emotional wellbeing can be very rewarding with an outcome of new inner peace and a more positive mental state.

Dietary Wellness

Any dietary goals would concern what you are eating. Maybe you want to cut back on sweets, focus on eating healthier, or drinking more water. Remember to start with baby steps until you get acclimated to avoid becoming overwhelmed with your new goals.

Personal Wellness


Personal wellness goals would be anything personal. Our hobbies and interests are the first things to gravitate to the back burner when our lives are busy so pick an activity you like to do but never have the time to do it. Reading books, playing sports, or learning something new are all great goals to promote your personal wellness.


As 2013 begins, it’s time to start thinking about our lives and what we want to achieve from the upcoming year. Goals are important for staying on track and accomplishing tasks that would otherwise never get completed. Have fun planning your New Year’s resolutions with some of our tips to get you started in 2013.


Please share your new wellness goals for 2013 with us—we would love to hear about them!



Amp Up Serotonin Levels for a Happy & Healthy Start to 2013


Do you want to live longer, get healthier, and be happier in 2013? We do! With 2013 just around the corner, it’s important that we start off the New Year feeling good about ourselves and where we are in our lives.


In a recent scientific report, a direct link was idenitified between emotions and life expectancy. The study went much deeper to conclude that people with a more positive attitude towards life were more likely to live longer and have better health than people with a more negative connotation to life.


A positive mindset is one way to elongate your lifeline but other contributing factors are also connected to a negative and unhealthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation, escalating stress levels, and depressing attitudes can all factor into a less than happy lifestyle.


Fortunately, there are ways to combat these negative feelings to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled in 2013. The biochemical called serotonin that is found naturally within our bodies monitors our levels of happiness and plays a direct role in our happiness, appetite, and sleep. Here are just a few ways to keep our serotonin levels high and help us feel better about ourselves—consider 2013 to be your pursuit of happiness!




Keep in touch with friends and family—even during stressful times! When we have close friends and family in our lives consistently, we have a sense of stability and a small community that supports us and helps us through the good times and the bad.


Maintain your relationships through consistent phone calls, coffee breaks, and shopping trips—without our friends and family, it can be tough to stay positive and happy for long.


Eating Healthy


Eating good foods will give you a lot of extra energy. Certain health foods can also promote a positive mood! Fruits like bananas will spark your serotonin levels and make you feel better about yourself. Avoid heavy carbs and whole wheat as they will make you feel slow and sleepy.


Massage Therapy


Massage therapy has a number of great benefits—come in today for your massage and feel instantly refreshed! Massage is proven to lower levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Massage also increases serotonin and dopamine levels making you feel happier and better about yourself. Take a little time for yourself in the New Year and plan regular massage therapy to ensure your serotonin levels will be at an all-time high.


Physical Fitness


Exercise does the body good. During a workout, our body’s endorphins are released, which can promote many positive changes in the body. When endorphins are released, our bodies can relieve pain quicker, slow down the aging process, and reduce stress levels. Not only will you see positive effects within your body, you will be able to avoid the cold and flu season with an immune system boost and get better sleep throughout the night.


As you can see, we must keep our serotonin levels high to ensure that we are healthy, happy, and living life to the fullest in 2013. Happy New Year!

Host a Holiday Spa Party for your Girlfriends

When the holidays roll around, we are often reunited with our friends, families, and girlfriends. Gather all your special girlfriends together and catch up during the relaxing holiday season with a fun spa party! Complete with facials, moisturizers, and manicures, your spa party will bring all your favorite gal pals together for a rejuvenating beauty cleanse and some well-deserved girlfriend gossip.


Here are some great tips and homemade beauty recipes to make your spa party a success:

Set the Mood


Create a great spa party ambiance with relaxing music and dimmed lights. Set up the facials and moisturizer products in the bathroom with plenty of hand towels for everyone. Ask your friends to bring along some of their favorite beauty products like nail polish or skin care items to broaden your color selections and skin care options.


Tell your girlfriends to wear something comfortable and casual. Remember that the facials and moisturizers can get messy so wear something that can get a little dirty.


Light Snacks & Beverages


Set up a little station of snacks and drinks for your friends to enjoy. A vegetable and fruit platter, small sandwiches, and cheese and crackers are perfect for little appetizers. For beverages, you could serve mimosas, teas, or water with lemons for a light, crisp drink that will go well with your spa snacks.


Homemade Spa Products


To prepare for your spa party, here are some great homemade beauty recipes to try. Keep it simple by preparing three different spa stations. Facials, moisturizers, and manicures and pedicures are always fun and relaxing. Keep it minimal but well-organized to avoid spa day overload.


Refreshing Oatmeal Mask


Whip up a special facial mask using 2 ½ cups of cooked oatmeal, 5 eggs, and 5 Tablespoons of almond oil. Spread the mask over your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Add cucumber slices to help with puffy or sore eyes.


Rejuvenating Avocado Moisturizer


Avocado is great for the skin and when it’s paired with honey, it’s absolutely divine! Your skin will truly appreciate this hybrid mixture to combat dry, winter skin. Mix together three ripe avocados and three Tablespoons or raw honey. The consistency of the moisturizer should be smooth so mash up the avocados really well before using. Apply the moisturizer to a clean face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Your friends will love this smooth, velvety moisturizer after the oatmeal mask.


Foot Soak and Pedicures


For the grand finale of your spa party, have all the girls soak their feet before starting pedicures. If there aren’t many girls coming to the spa party, the best way to do a foot soak is to fill the bathtub with these special ingredients and sit side-by-side on the edge of the tub. Great for girl talk and bonding, the foot soak is my favorite part of any spa party. Here is a great foot soak recipe to try: Mix 4 teaspoons of honey, 2 cups of coconut milk, 4 sprigs of rosemary, 8 ounces of olive oil, 2 cups of cornmeal, and 1 cup of Epsom salt in hot water. Soak feet for 5 minutes, scrub rough patches, and soak for another 5 minutes. After your soak, continue on to painting and primping your nails for a fun end to a smashing holiday spa party.


We hope these special recipes and little tips will help you plan the best spa party for you and your friends. Enjoy the quality time you have with your best girlfriends and host a spa party that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Warm Up with a Hot Stone Massage


massage therapy
Now is the perfect time to indulge in a hot stone massage! Warm up during the colder months ahead and reap the many health benefits that come along with hot stone massage therapy. Allow yourself to be spoiled during the holiday season. The combination of deep tissue massage and therapeutic hot stones will give your body relief it needs from stiff muscles by relaxing your body’s deep muscles and tissue. Let’s look at what a hot stone massage is and the many benefits you will receive with this relaxing massage modality.


What is Hot Stone Massage?


Hot stone massage is an ancient technique that was originally used in Hawaiian and Egyptian cultures as a way of healing. It has only recently been a popular massage modality here in United States for a short amount of time.


Hot stone massage started surfacing around the early 1990’s in resorts and day spas. With the addition of strategically placed hot stones to a Swedish or deep tissue massage, the body is able to open up the muscles and relax the tissue deep down in the body to manipulate muscles easier and with less discomfort than without its technique. Known as a form of thermotherapy, hot stone massage soothes the muscles with heated penetration and allows our body’s to channel its energy more efficiently.


Health Benefits of Hot Stone Massage


There are so many health benefits associated with hot stone massage, where should we begin?

When you have a hot stone massage session performed by one of our certified massage therapists, you’ll experience physical benefits such as improved circulation, deep muscle and tissue relaxation, and pain relief. Another great thing about hot stone massage is that it rids our bodies of harsh toxins.


But a hot stone massage will have more than just physical benefits. Hot stone massage therapy is advantageous for our mental health too. After a massage, you’ll feel less stressed, calmer, and very at ease. Hot stone massage also regulates energy meridians that enhance our moods and promote a more positive mental state.


In more specific cases, hot stone massage therapy can give much relief to clients suffering from a sports injury, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.


Now you know just how beneficial these heated stone additions can truly be! Get a great hot stone massage at the East County Wellness Center and you’ll find the relief you need with more than plenty advantages for our health both physically and mentally. Give your body the treatment it deserves when you try hot stone massage therapy for a soothing and relaxing experience.



Get a Good Night’s Sleep with the Help of Massage Therapy


Massage therapy has been used in many different scenarios—as a sleep aid, massage therapy helps colicky babies go to sleep, alleviates sleepless nights for the insomniac, and promotes a healthier sleeping pattern for all regular visitors. No matter who you are, massage therapy will be nothing but beneficial for your sleepless nights and provide relief when it’s most needed.

A relaxing 60-90 minute massage is all it takes to notice a difference in your sleep pattern. Massage therapy helps to eliminate many problems that can offset our sleep’s circadian rhythm—these problems include stress, pain, muscle tension, joint stiffness, and migraine headaches. When any of these ailments start to affect our sleep, massage therapy should be the number one choice to remedy your sleep pattern. In this situation, your mind and body are becoming sleep deprived. The best massage modality to choose as a sleeping aid would be a relaxing, comfortable, and therapeutic Swedish massage. If you combine a Swedish massage with essential aromatherapy oils, you will be sleeping like a baby before you know it. A lavender-scented oil is the best for promoting healthy sleep patterns and is available at the East County Wellness Center.


If you want to get a good night’s sleep, the best way to do it is through massage therapy and essential aromatherapy. Try a new form of sleep aid and schedule an appointment at the East County Wellness Center to promote a better circadian rhythm and regular sleep patterns that will ensure you sleep well all night long. Give the East County Wellness Center a call today and have a wonderful sleep-filled night through the healing powers of massage therapy.



Merry Massage Christmas from the East County Wellness Center


San Diego massageThe holiday season is approaching quickly and you know what that means. Lots of holiday parties, social functions, and Christmas shopping will fill up the next 25 days before Christmas. You might be making a list and checking it twice considering all the family and friends that will need a little something special this holiday season. Instead of stressing about what to buy and for who, make holiday shopping super simple with a gift from the East County Wellness Center!


Give the gift of healing touch by offering your friends and family a gift card to the East County Wellness Center. There are lots of different massage modalities and special spa treatments here at the East County Wellness Center and we are sure that we have a little something for everyone on your list. To order gift cards online, check out our online store.


Let your loved ones choose from an array of different therapeutic massages like a relaxing Swedish massage or an energizing hot stone massage. Other popular massage types are deep tissue massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy massage but there is much much more. Giving your friends and family a gift card to the East County Wellness Center will let them choose a relaxing massage that they will love and enjoy. You can’t lose with the gift of an East County Wellness Center gift card—who doesn’t love getting a massage? Save yourself some time and get the gift that all will enjoy when you get massage gift cards at the East County Wellness Center.


Do you Have Lower Back Pain? Find out Why Massage Overpowers Medicine


massage helps back pain

Back aches can be the worst type of pain. Many Americans suffer from lower back pain so it’s important to know how to alleviate the pain and keep it from coming back. A recent study shows just how important massage therapy can be to your lower back pain recovery.


A new study from the Annals of Internal Medicine gives proof to the matter that massage therapy can improve lower back pain in a shorter amount of time than traditional medicines and bed rest.


The Group Health Research Institute in Seattle was able to conduct the experiment on 400 patients that were suffering from back pain. Most of the participants were middle aged and female. The 400 participants were randomly placed into three different groups: one group received structural massage therapy, another group received relaxation massage, and the last group solely received traditional care with no massage therapy. The therapy was performed over the course of 10 weeks and you will be completely amazed by these results.


After the 10-week timeline was over, remarkable clues to alleviating lower back pain were discovered.


Researchers found that participants who received relaxation and structural massage therapy were able to work more and be active for longer periods of time than the participants who received only traditional back pain care like medicine and physical therapy.


At the end of the 10-week study, more than 33 percent of the massage therapy patients reported that their back pain had improved drastically or completely went away. As for the other participants receiving traditional care? Only one in 25 participants were able to see signs of relief within their lower back.


So why not alleviate or eliminate your chronic lower back pain today? With the help of Swedish massage techniques, you’ll be able to enjoy more time out of bed and rely less on medications. Book a Swedish massage with East County Wellness Center today and be one step closer to relieving uncomfortable back pain.



Relieve Holiday Stress with these Natural Solutions


tips to curb stressWith the holidays right around the corner, stress and anxiety over Thanksgiving dinner and holiday gift giving will be in full swing before you know it.


According to the American Psychological Association, 39 percent of adults said that their stress increased in the last year. The study also revealed that many people know stress can affect their health, however, actions to relieve stress are a low priority because of poor time management.


Learn how you can use these natural remedies to de-stress and enjoy the holiday season:


Massage Therapy


Massage is becoming a health trend for both men and women. Beyond relaxation, massage therapy can improve circulation, stimulate the body’s muscles and natural healing systems as well as reduce stress and anxiety. With one or two massages per month, your body will get the right amount of healing touch to alleviate stress and tension.


Yoga is used to enhance many parts of the body. First of all, yoga tones and strengthens your body and improves your respiration long after the session is over. Yoga is very soothing which helps manage stress levels and improve your mood. For health reasons, yoga is great for the immune system and gastrointestinal health.


To tackle stress and anxiety over the holidays, go out and get some exercise! It is proven that aerobic exercise reduces the stress hormone cortisol that circulates in the blood stream. Exercising regularly will also enhance your mood as the body releases serotonin.

Herbal Remedies


Many herbs are meant for relaxation. Let your stress wash away with a hot cup of tea. Passion flower and kava are both herbal supplements that will ease the tension and stress of the holiday season. Kava is also a great sleep aid for insomnia and restlessness.


We know the holiday season can be tough but with these great stress-busters, you can relax and enjoy the holiday cheer.




The Benefits of Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy



cranial sacral massage therapyCranial sacral massage therapy is an area of massage that is often overlooked. This type of massage enhances the functions of the cranial sacral system with gentle massage techniques applied to the bones of the head, spinal column, and sacrum. The objective of a cranial sacral massage is to realign the bone structure to its natural position and release tension within the cranial sacral regions of the body.

A cranial sacral massage has the ability to tap into the healing powers of the body and pinpoint your areas of stress and tension in the body. With the specific rhythm of cranial sacral massage, our bodies are able to self correct these problem areas and begin the healing process to alleviate stress and chronic pain.


A cranial sacral massage at East County Wellness Center will relieve migraine headaches, neck pain, and back pain. With 28 million Americans suffering from migraine headaches, this massage modality is especially useful for alleviating migraine pain. Migraines can be triggered by stress and inadequate sleep, however, many migraine sufferers are able to sleep better and have fewer migraines when they receive cranial sacral massage therapy.


Not only is a cranial sacral massage beneficial for migraine pain, it also relaxes the muscles on our scalp! The underlying tension in our heads is able to melt away once we receive a cranial sacral massage.


So what are the benefits of a cranial sacral massage?


Cranial sacral massage therapy has the ability to reduce these medical conditions:


Chronic pain in the back and neck regions of the body


Migraine headaches


Post traumatic stress disorder








Emotional complications


If you’re seeking relief for any of these chronic pains or medical conditions, a cranial sacral massage will be able to alleviate aches and pains while allowing your body to relax and receive the ultimate healing treatment. Give us a call at 619-270-7171 to book a session of cranial sacral massage therapy with the East County Wellness Center. Let the healing process begin with the delicate touch of cranial sacral massage today!


Swedish Versus Deep Tissue Massage: Which One is Best for You?



massage modalitiesSwedish massage and deep tissue massage are two of the most requested massage modalities. Although both are similar in technique, there are many differences between these two special massage types especially how the techniques are applied. Let’s take a look at the main differences between Swedish and deep tissue massage to find out which type of massage is best for you.


A deep tissue massage is most beneficial for clients that have chronic or continuous pain. By applying more pressure during a deep tissue massage, your body is able to release pent up tension found in the deepest layers of muscle tissue, joints, and tendons. If you have many aches and pains surrounding your back, a deep tissue massage is perfect for you.


Another difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage is the application of massage movements. For example, a deep tissue massage must have slower movements in order to be the most effective. When the motions are slower, your massage therapist is able to work through the layers of tissue to alleviate tension deep down at the root of the problem. A Swedish massage has more fluid motions that are applied to the entire back. Since a Swedish massage does not pinpoint your problem areas, this massage is best if your purpose is solely to relax.


The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine conducted a study on the benefits of deep tissue massage. The results stated that blood pressure fell significantly after just one 45- to 60-minute session of deep tissue massage. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry analyzed another interesting benefit of deep tissue massage. The Journal concluded that deep tissue massage was able to reduce stress and hormone levels as well as release oxytocin and serotonin to enhance your mood and promote relaxation.

As the facts have shown, a deep tissue massage does more than just wash away your aches and pains. Deep tissue massage is able to enhance your health both physically and mentally.


Are you still wondering which type of massage is best for your needs? If you’re experiencing aches and pains as a result to back pain, injury, or restricted movement, then a deep tissue massage is perfect for you. If you want to boost your immunity before flu season or enjoy a relaxing, full body massage, a Swedish massage will be the best choice for you.


The most important thing to remember when choosing between these two popular massage modalities is that any massage at the East County Wellness Center can be customized to fit your specific needs. If you feel like you are somewhere in the middle between a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage, we can create a modality that will focus on your body’s needs. Come to the East County Wellness Center and we will help create a massage that’s just right for you, combining different aspects of deep tissue and Swedish massage to ensure you receive the best massage possible.


Everything you Need to Know about Swedish Massage




wellness massageThe Swedish massage will always be a classic for any first-time visitor. This type of massage restores your body to a more balanced state by strategic massage movements. You’ll walk away from a Swedish massage feeling calm, relaxed, and completely revitalized.

Swedish massage therapy combines joint movement with a few massage techniques called:

Effleurage— Long gentle strokes to relax tissues

Petrissage—Kneading and squeezing techniques with hands or fingers

Vibration—Shaking movement allowing the body to open up

Percussion—Quick tapping or chopping motions

Friction—Pressure applied in a circular motion that allows scar tissue to break down through tissue friction

These famous techniques relieve muscle tension that allows your entire body to relax. There are also many health benefits from getting a Swedish massage that will enhance your lifestyle and even alleviate pain from injuries. Here are some of the many benefits you’ll receive from Swedish massage therapy:

Improved Circulation

A Swedish massage can increase your circulation and lower your blood pressure by stimulating your body through therapeutic massage techniques.

Reduced Muscular Tension

Your muscles will thank you after a Swedish massage! This type of massage will eliminate stiff, tense muscles, restore the flexibility of your body, and leave you feeling free of any muscular aches and pains.


Enhanced Endocrine System


The endocrine system of the body is in control of our hormones and glands. Swedish massage therapy helps our bodies release endorphins, alert our nervous system, and support our weakened or sore areas of the body.

Renewed State of Mind


Swedish massage is good for the mind, body, and soul. When you enjoy a Swedish massage, your mind will feel refreshed, returning you to a balanced state of focus. Allow Swedish massage to improve every inch of you—For a better you today, call us at the East County Wellness Center and book a Swedish massage with one of our talented therapists.


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